The Darkness of Being

The Darkness of Being The Darkness of Being is the first meditation in Volume I of Minute Meditations for the Postmodern Pilgrim

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The Darkness of Being

Listen to The Darkness of Being meditation.

Life is dark.

But it’s okay.

You don’t have to run from it.

It’s tempting, for sure. Anything is easier than looking at it, anything easier than acknowledging it.

You know what darkness I mean.

That nagging, unsettled grasping within that must be appeased or will rise up, overcome you, and drag you down into its terrifying abyss. You don’t really understand it, but you are adept at keeping it at bay through fleeting validations of your existence.

Were you chosen for the promotion? Did you get a lot of “likes” on your photo? Did they sit with you at lunch? Laugh at your jokes? Ask for your opinion? If so, you are validated! Worthy! At least for now. The darkness staved off for a bit…. Until you post another photo or the seat next to you is open again tomorrow at lunch and it creeps back in…. 

Will they still like me?

Want me?

Think I am competent or funny or wise?

You must wager that they will, put on a brave face and believe it will be so, because if not, the darkness will slink its way up and suffocate you. Your unliked photo will be a testament to all the world of your unworthiness! The empty seat beside you at lunch, a bullhorn bleating out your pathetic insignificance! Maybe you try to outrun it, rush through your life at a frantic pace, the darkness always just one step behind you, nipping at your heels. Maybe you numb it for a while with various substances. Drown it out with the cacophony of words and sounds and images that pour in an unceasing stream into the gaping mouth of our modern existence. Just be sure to always keep it on… And the volume up.

Perhaps you welcome such diversions. Perhaps you have settled for distraction, because, even though you barely understand the darkness, you understand that it cannot be obliterated. That, if you are not vigilant, it will break through and overtake you. But I tell you, do not be afraid. The darkness is no match for you! You run from it because you do not understand who you are. You have not understood that your fear of the darkness is what keeps you in the dark.

You must stop running from it.

You must turn and face it now.

Stand there by the power of the fire that burns inside you and acknowledge its presence.

Declare to it that you are no longer its slave!

Declare to it that it has no power over you any longer.

Declare to yourself that from this day forward you will endeavor to live by the fire that burns within you. For you are a child of the light.

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