Freedom in Being

Live Life Free

Have you been visiting your sacred place? Do you find yourself thinking of it during the day? Desiring to go there? Perhaps you tried to visit again on your own, but you ran into some trouble. Was it too loud? Even with silence and solitude, there is still noise in your head, sometimes louder and more incessant than anything outside of you. Does it feel like there’s a closed circuit of anxieties and frustrations racing endlessly around your inner sanctum, keeping you away from the peace that awaits you there?

Don’t be discouraged.
You can get through it.
I will help you.

Imagine yourself in grassy field at the edge of a small, lovely woods as the sun is setting. The leaves rustle in the breeze, as you walk down a footpath that meanders through the trees. The earth is firm beneath your feet, the air cool on your face. Each step takes you closer to your cave. After a little while, you come to the other side of the woods, where you can see the cave, just a little ahead. You want to enter but your thoughts are racing around it. Take a moment to picture them in whatever way is helpful to you. Maybe they’re people or racecars or some kind of negative energy field…. Once you have a useful image, simply find a way through. You can maneuver your way through it or fly over the top of it, even tunnel underground if you have to, but get past them into the cave. Remember you can alway pause any meditation whenever you want to if you would like more time.

There, you did it.

You are in the cave. Your inner sanctum. The sacred temple.

Turn around now. See that large stone behind you? Push it over in front of the opening, so you can blot out all the noise.

There…that’s better.

Now take a deep breath and turn and face the fire. Go and sit by the fire. Feel its warmth. Stare into the flames. Lie down next to it if you want.

This is your sacred space.
Here you are totally free.
Free from expectations.
Free from demands.
Free from blame.
Free from ridicule.
Free from misunderstanding.
Free from judgment.
Free from the pressure to be like others and to be liked by them.
Free from the pressure be better than others and to be perceived as better than them.

Did some of that sneak through before you pushed the stone across the opening?

It’s okay if it did.

Just take it now and throw it into the fire, because none of that belongs here.

Rest here now in the quiet of your being.


Savor the peace.

Stay here as long as you can.

Come back as often as you want.

Go to the sixth meditation, Your Being Laid Bare.

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