Your Being Laid Bare

Your Being Laid Bare

Go to your inner sanctum. Use the method from the last meditation or any other that helps you get there. Once you’re there sitting comfortably by the fire, with the stone rolled across the entrance, throw anything that snuck in with you into the fire. Don’t worry if it takes a while. When you’re ready, press play.

Does it feel good to be back in your sacred space? Can you feel the heat of the fire on your face? On your hands? Are you glad for the silence? And the solitude? The freedom? Remember there is no blame or judgment or worry or pressure here. If any of that tries to take hold of your thoughts, just quietly throw it into the fire.

As you are sitting there my the fire, look down at your body. Perhaps you never noticed it before, but it has always been there—a hard shell, like that of an crab, or scorpion, or beetle—covering your torso. Feel how tough it is. How bulky and unattractive. This is the self projected by your ego. The way you present yourself to the world so that no one will see who you really are. We all have one. It’s one of our most sophisticated tools for survival, but such a burden to always be dragging around.

It must be removed.

You will be exposed, but remember, you are here, in the temple, where no one else can come.

Break it open with your hands. It’s a fibrous, tenacious material, and you must wrestle with it, but you can do it. Get a good grip where you can and tear it apart. Remove that chunk in your hand and throw it in the fire. Now another. One more and the whole thing will fall off.

You have done it.

You are free of it!

Throw it all into the fire.

Listen to it crackle and hiss.

Watch the flames consume it.

Take a deep, free breath.

Do you feel lighter?

Such a relief to be rid of it, even if just for a bit.

Do you feel intoxicated by your freedom? Feel like dancing around the fire or chanting some ancient melody?

Maybe you just feel like sitting quietly and savoring the exquisite pleasure of your own company.

Perhaps, it’s been a very long while since you did that.

Perhaps you need some re-acquainting.

Take as long as you want, because I promise, you are worth the time.

Go the the seventh meditation, The Fullness of Being.

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