Beings of Light

Golden rays emanating from center

Go to your sacred place. Take as much time as you need, then come and sit by the fire.

I’m glad you came back. It can be difficult with the fire shining light in to all your dark places. You want it, yet your ego recoils from it. It’s threatened by your time here. For your whole life it has fought for your survival, blindly entangling you in a complex set of behaviors and thought patterns, which it will fight to the death to keep in place.

Are you holding onto a grudge?

Find yourself constantly belittling your co-workers?

Bragging about your latest purchases?

Do you push away anyone who gets close?

Get defensive at the slightest bit of correction?

Flee to substances and behaviors you know are detrimental to your well-being?

All, unmindful, unhelpful machinations of your determined but misguided ego, that the fire will expose.

It is painful, humiliating to see such things in ourselves, but to free, you must see.

And to see, you must draw near the fire.

Make this your life’s work and you will not only find freedom, but you will be a bearer of the sacred fire. You will shed your safeguarding postures and your unmindful, unhelpful darkness-driven behaviors, and will be free to carry forth light into the dark places of the world. It will spill forth from your being in rivers of light that give hope to the world.

And what are these rivers of light?

They are none other than your love.

Stay here as long as you can. Come back as often as you want.

If you would like to relisten to Volume I of Minute Meditations for the Postmodern Pilgrim, click here to return to The Darkness of Being. Remember you can also download the meditations in any podcast app or download the app in your app store. If you found the meditations helpful, please feel free to share them with your friends and family, and if you are looking for additional resources, please feel free to contact me. May you find the peace and joy you seek, and may you be a blessing to all you meet.

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