Minute Meditations for the Postmodern Pilgrim are written by Alessandra Black

Postmodern Pilgrim

For decades, I had unshakable faith. But when others with unshakable faith flew planes into buildings full of people on 9/11, I began to doubt my certainty. As the years passed, the edifice of my Catholic Christian worldview began to crack under the pressures of deconstructionism and the compelling, comprehensive evolutionary metanarrative, but I held on, waiting, in agony, for my unfailing belief to return. Then Mother Teresa’s letters were published in 2007, revealing that she doubted for the last forty years of her life, and I had to accept that such a fate might be mine as well. With fideism forever precluded from my possible paths forward by those jihadist jets—but the immeasurable riches of thirty years of meditation and discipleship woven into the fabric of my being—the only way I could see forward was through the rubble. Ever since, I have been stumbling along, sifting out the treasure from the ruins.

Minute Meditations for the Postmodern Pilgrim emerges from this experience. While these meditations owe their greatest debt to Jesus—that great master of being whom I would still follow to the ends of the earth—they embrace an existential eschatology that does not assume the existence of God, the divinity of Jesus, or life after death. If you long to cross over the threshold of everyday life to mine the depths of your existence, my hope is that these little meditations might be of some use to you.

Thank you for visiting. May you find the peace and joy you seek, and may you be a blessing to all you meet.


All photos are courtesy of Melissa Black.

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